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Building With Us

The first step of course is to find property you would like to build your Minnesota Log Home on. While you are searching for property also begin discussing your home plans with Randy and Shelby Cleveland. Share your ideas with them. Make sketches. Bring samples. Bring pictures. Gather all your information and share them with Randy and Shelby. They will bring our own experience and design expertise to help you design a home made especially for you.

Shelby will put the ideas on paper, initial plans will be drawn, and the process will begin.

Building With UsIf you are not going to build the home yourself, Randy and Shelby can assist you in finding a local contractor to provide guidance in your construction. The builder does not need experience with building log homes but it is helpful. The logs are delivered precut with a wall plan showing where each log goes. Randy or another person from Minnesota Log Homes will come and work with you or your builder erecting the log walls. The log walls will be the easiest part of the project.

Subcontractors will have to be lined up for the balance of construction so it must be determined in advance who will be responsible for scheduling and paying them so the project is completed on schedule. Don't forget things like permits, excavation, well, septic, foundations, plumbing, electrical, driveway, final grade, and sod or seed. If you are not sure, Randy and Shelby can help you through the entire process.

Minnesota Log Homes specializes in high quality, low cost, affordable custom log homes. See why a call to Randy and Shelby for your new log home will save you time and money, but most of all it will be fun.

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